Sadly, Ed has disappeared from the Web and I have been unable to contact him. Until Ed returns and puts his site back up, I am reposting it here as it was when I captured it in December 1998.

I have not changed the content in any manner and I have endeavored to repost Ed's site as it was with the barest minimum of changes by me.
Those changes consist of:

  1. Adding this notice on this page and shorter reposting notices on the other pages.
  2. Removing links to images, which are broken (I only captured the HTML files and not the image files).
  3. Disabling the email and counter links at the bottom, which are broken.
  4. Updating the URL displayed at the bottom of the pages to correctly reflect the site's home page's current location.

Ed, I hope to see you back soon, safe and sound!


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Creation, Evolution and Adam

Test all things; hold fast what is good...  1 Thes.5:21

Exploring Genesis of the Bible, to Determine the Historical, Scientific and Theological Aspects of the Origins of the Universe, Ancient Man and the Flood of Noah.

Welcome! My name is Ed, I am constructing this site in hopes of examining the creation/evolution controversy. I am a Christian of evangelical persuasion who seeks the truth of both science and the Bible. I hope I have learned to be objective and open minded. I confess that I am one who was bound by tradition and had to discover the hard way to be cautious, and to listen to all sides of a discussion before reaching any conclusions.

I pray for God's help, and I pray that all who have been dogmatic on these issues will please - carefully investigate the so called "opposition" before making up their minds.

The dilemma resides in our understanding of the methods and purpose of God's creation as explained in the book of Genesis. Did God create the universe in six 24-hour days? In six eons? Or is there an undetermined gap of time in the creation account? How do we explain the many apparent contradictions between the Bible and science? Is evolution allowed? Some evolution between species maybe? Is Adam the first we would label Homo sapiens sapiens? Did he evolve from lower primates? Or did God create him from the dust of the earth? Was the Ark that Noah built the salvation of every creature, with the breath of life, on the entire face of the world? Or was the Flood more contained to the land that Adam's children called home?

My goal is to communicate and to challenge tradition. I am sure I will stir up more questions than I will answer. I am neither a scientist nor a theologian, yet I know God's love and I wish to give Him the glory. My target is the Christian who seeks to be objective and open minded. My hope is to build a bridge to peace while compromising neither the Bible nor the majesty of our Lord Jesus Christ.

So please, look around and drop me a line.

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